mentoring can change your life

lollipop mentoring is a free mentorship programme for ambitious Black women in advertising and marketing. If you have more than two years of experience and need support in progressing in your career. lollipop is for you.

Be part of the solution in nurturing and championing Black female talent and register to become a mentor. We are looking for mentors from any gender and from all backgrounds (flavours) to mentor, sponsor and support Black women into the next stages of their careers. We ask for a minimum of five years experience and you’ll ideally be in a leadership position or a business owner. Commit to real actionable change and register now.


Find Support

Get free practical and targeted support based on your application form requirements. The right mentor can potentially change the direction of your career and life. You have nothing to lose and literally everything to gain. Sign up now.

Safe spaces

lollipop hosts bi-monthly round tables where Black mentees can join to discuss issues they're facing in a relaxed, open and sumptuous environment (more on this to come). We want you to be your full selves.


Improve your network by meeting and connecting with other Black women. Join the lollipop community and in the future pay it forward by becoming a mentor and helping a future lollipop mentee. Let's keep the train moving.