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Feeling stuck? Constantly being told you’re not ready to progress? Register to be matched with one of our mentors to network and and secure objective support. Get some advice and develop strategies on how you can smash some glass ceilings or create your own opportunities.

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Register to become a lollipop mentor – we are looking for mentors from all ethnic backgrounds (flavours) who want to champion and see Black female talent succeed. Share your advice and lived experiences. Now more than ever we need your help.

Mentee FAQs

Black women are the least likely to be promoted or mentored into leadership positions. lollipop wishes to redress this balance by creating a platform where Black women can register for support. We are seeking to re dress some of the structural inequality Black women face when trying to progress in their careers. 

We are asking for a minimum of two years working professional experience. We want to help women who feel stuck and need help in honing their skills and guidance on how to navigate some of the obstacles they are facing. Maybe you want to progress and become a leader, or maybe you are junior and want tips on how you can improve on your skills and enhance your personal brand. a mentor can help in a myriad of ways.

Mentees will be invited to join our bi-monthly roundtables where they can be free to discuss issues they are facing in a sumptuous relaxed environment. Chatham house rules.

Our forms are detailed as we need to find out as much about you as possible so that we can match you with the best possible mentor. Please take the time to fill it in, you’ll thank us in the end:) your details will solely be used by lollipop mentoring.

Covid permitting we feel that it would be beneficial to meet face to face to cement the relationship with your mentor at least once, but this is totally up to you and what you and your mentor decide. All we ask is that you are respectful of your mentors time and that you come to the sessions with your mentor prepared and to receive honest feedback and advice. 

Mentor FAQs

We are asking for mentors to have no less than 5 years of professional experience and ideally be in a leadership position. We want our mentors to have great experience and give guidance in supporting women looking to make the next steps in their careers. If you are an ally we need you. You have access to networks and contacts otherwise unavailable to our mentees. Join us in redressing the imbalance. You can be of any race or gender to become a lollipop mentor.

A mentor advises the mentee; sponsors advocate for their protégés. A mentor can be anyone in a position of experience, while a sponsor is a senior-level executive. Mentors help build a career vision. Sponsors drive their protégé’s career vision. lollipop is looking for BOTH, please contact if you would like to sponsor one of our mentees.

In the shadow of the BLM movement organisations have looked into their hiring practices, mainly by seeking to hire entry level talent. The key question is – What happens when this talent seeks to move up the ranks? We know that Black women are stalling in their careers. Partner with us to help support your Black female talent. Become a mentor, sponsor one of our events or see how lollipop can also work alongside your internal training schemes. Contact us for more details.

Our sign up form is detailed because we want to find out as much as possible in order to match you with the mentee who best aligns with your experience and values. thank you for taking the time to complete, we appreciate you! Your details will solely be used for by lollipopmentoring.

Covid permitting we feel that it would be beneficial to meet face to face to cement the relationship with your mentee at least once, but this is totally up to what you and your mentee decides.